Although it can take some women years to recover their pre-pregnancy bodies, and some find that they never quite “snap back,” Instagram fitness star and certified trainer Massy Arias is not one of those women. She recently Instagrammed a photo of herself 40 weeks pregnant next to one taken nine days after giving birth. If Massy’s newborn baby weren’t in the photo, you’d never guess that the trainer gave birth less than two weeks ago:

“This post isn’t intended to set any expectations or to be negative. We all have different journeys,” Massy wrote in her caption, which also explains exactly how she transformed her figure in just nine days without stepping foot in the gym. (She is still recovering from natural childbirth, after all.) “I just eat whole and eat well,” Massy wrote.

For her, “eating well” means counting macros (AKA eating the right mix of protein, carbs, and fats for your body type and goals) and depriving herself of absolutely nothing. “It’s amazing what you can do when you know specifically what to eat,” she says.

She also drinks lots of fluids — about a gallon, a day made up of mostly water — and eats an extra 600 to 800 calories per day to support her milk supply, now that she’s breastfeeding women need just 450 to 500 extra calories per day.)

(FWIW, the American College of  a baby sitter and Gynecologists say most breastfeeding women need just 450 to 500 extra calories per day.)

Understandably, Massy’s fans can’t quite wrap their heads around her lightning-fast change, albeit they generally appreciate her. “You acquired every inch of that amazing post baby body!” one commented on her post. See, Massy worked out right through her pregnancy like the mom boss she is, lift bulky and doing high-severity break training plus yoga and a bit of her hand dancing, as she does at the end of most of her fitness videos.

Despite the fact that the coach has been diaphanous about her fitness-focus lifestyle throughout her through pregnancy, haters gonna hate: “Awesome liposuction suction after 9 days boo… great surgeon,” one person commented on Massy’s postnatal post. But a loyal fan came to Massy’s rescue, chiming in with a simple clap back: “You know how to fit she was and is for Shame on you,” the commenter wrote.

Luckily, Massy never lets petty sh*t get her down, and isn’t about to start, most now that she’s got more important things to worry about — and celebrate!


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