Making out love by old conventional methods makes anyone lose interest after a while. The thing need to be done to add the lost flavour in life is to use some innovational techniques which would make it different and interesting. When different combinations are used it would make it more exciting. This would spark the lost fire in your life. It would kickstart your boring routine and bring in the feelings of closeness once again.



The technique of four legs is not that we are not going to walk on four legs. It’s a technique which would make it exciting for both of you. For the male his upper body needs to be strong. A good k!$$ would always make a good start. A k!$$ can emote all the feelings one holds within his heart. It would make the other person feel for you the same. As tongue touch each other with the exchange of liquids from mouth it becomes sweet. The feelings get triggered with a k!$$. A good k!$$ can make her vvett. It would do the same for the male. The male would experience the same on his tool.


It’s the indication of the body that the body is heated up. Its actually lubricating itself for thrusting. As you both take out clothes of each other you can k!$$ on her adams apple. Taste her melons and play with the tip of your tongue on the melons tip. As she becomes more vvett its time for you to take your mouth on her mystical well.


Taste the juices coming out of the magical well. Unfold the petals and taste the liquid on the petals. After you have done tasting the petals place your tongue inside the mystical well. As you circle the tongue around the walls of the mystical well it would get her triggered to the core. As you hear her voices and she says she is going to give in. Its time for you to pull the trick. Lift her up and K!$$ as she experiences your skin against hers. Tell her to balance her upper body with her hands while you place your hands on her thighs and you lift her lower body.


As you lift her give thrusting motions while you stand on your two legs and she balances with two hands. The only contact with the ground will be the two legs as well as her hands. As you thrust in she would get triggered and would experience bl!$$.


She would soon experience bl!$$ and would feel a new way which would break the old conventional ones. It would make interesting for both of you and make life interesting bringing you both close.



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