Well, The king of good time’s good time seems never-ending. After cheating the whole country, spoiling the image of an MP on whole another level, ignoring the orders of the high court and the shameful and punishable long list go on and on Vijay Mallya’s life seems so good. Mr. Mallya is walking on the streets of London in his tuxedos living everyone’s dream life that everyone dreams. He walks like walking with impunity where actually, the dates of the cases on him seem never-ending.

Vijay Mallya is getting married

Vijay Mallya could be said country’s richest senior citizen satyr. Well, I don’t think that this is too much because soon he is getting married to his girlfriend Pinki Lalwani who is so much younger than him. Although the news is not confirmed by the two. But there are strong speculations that Vijay Mallya is getting married to Pinki Lalwani his girlfriend. The remarks made upon Vijay may sound too much obnoxious and hideous towards him as no one has the right to say anything on his personal matters, but what about morality and ethics? The so-called businessman is still legally married to his second wife and dating his girlfriend.
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Vijay Mallya is getting married

Recently the couple spotted celebrating their third anniversary with all the happiness in the world. Although Mallya had three kids from his previous marriages- Siddharth, Leanna, and Tanya.According to sources Pinki is also spotted with Mallya’s mother and has very good relations with his family.

Vijay Mallya is getting married

Vijay Mallya’s all assets in India has been seized by the govt. Due to not paying the dues and loans to the bank. Mallya is on a trial with Westminster Magistrates on the decision that can he be extradited to India or not? He is on bail until April 2.

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