Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages are in trend nowadays. The couple always tries to make their special as an ultimate memory and Marriage is something that has fun and love in its name itself. what if we add more synonyms to marriage like dangerous breathtaking, adventures. Utah is famous for the Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages.
It may sound weird to you but a couple gets married in Utah 400 feet above. It is as dangerous as it sounds adventures. Kimberly Weglin the bride is an athlete. Ryan Jenks the groom and Kimberly engaged while attending the high lining festival In Moab Utah, years ago and decided to marry there too. The couple wanted to transform the traditional ceremony of marriage into something that represents the base and every last detail of their relationship.

Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages

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Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages

Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages Surrounded by canyons this marriage was possible through huge colorful net stretched across with an aisle so the bride can walk over it.

Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages

This marriage also has 10 Base jumper Flower girls who made jump one by one spreading petals.

Ultimate untraditional ways of marriages Utah is also a destination place for the couple who follows ultimate untraditional ways of marriages. The couple also changes the phrase as commonly people say I do’s they said Hell Yeah…
Kimberly shared her marriage pictures showing to the how a real adventure lover get married.
Are you an adventure lover too?


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