Trishala Dutt, daughter of Sanjay Dutt has raised the temperature of social media by posting a white bikini pic. The 30-year-old was born and brought up in Mumbai. At one time Trishala was a fatso but hard work pays off and now she is all set to flaunt her bikini body.

The bikini sensation
Moreover, she followed the same thing to lose weight i.e by exercising daily and following a good healthy diet chart. From fat to fit the journey was quite struggling. She joined a gym and finally shredded her fat. Now she follows a proper diet, swims daily, exercises daily. However, she has also said, “Do it of yourself”. If you will do it for others you will always end on the losing side. Every time she posts a picture, that goes viral, whether the pictures are of the family or of her hot, bold, sexy, figure.

The bikini sensation

The recent picture that she has uploaded has gained a lot of attention from her fans. She has not done any movie but she will be seen making her debut with Sanjay Dutt’s production house. The bikini sensation is the daughter of Richa Sharma and lives with her aunt and grandparents. She is always trending on social media and that is the only reason she has a huge fan following.

The bikini sensation

Maybe she was badly waiting for the summers to show her sexy figure. As soon as she uploaded the pic, fans were almost drooling and started commenting on her pics as well. Get ready for some other pictures as well. The bikini sensation might be uploading them soon.

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