Fortunate are those who are blessed with creativity and artistic abilities. Thinking out of the box and using hands to create stuff is not an easy task for everyone. Anjani Siddhartha,known for her inventiveness is an adult toy designer. She has been in the profession for the past 20 years and here she shares her experience with love karma passion.


Q.Designing adult toys with hands ain’t an easy job….with the advancement in technology many machines have entered the markets which make work easier and deliver products in a jiffy…how are u able to cope up with the tough competition prevailing in the market?

A: There is not replacement for high detailed realistic pieces, where skin texture is a must,I do use Solidworks 3D software for organic, smooth shapes. Handmade art and sculpture Is still very valuable even in high tech Hollywood.

Q.What made you choose this profession?

A:It wasn’t a conscious decision to be an adult toy designer, I have been an artist since infancy. And at an art exhibition  in Hollywood I met a Philippine artist, he saw my talent sculpting and as he was leaving the position, referred me to his boss and I ended up enjoying the creative process that it entails.

Q.Being an Indian Origin, your profession is something that people won’t be able to digest so easily….. as this considered a taboo in our country. What was your family’s reaction towards your profession?

A: I have Indian roots but was born in Colombia and have spent most of my adult life in California and Las Vegas, so my view on life is more open-minded, my family always saw me as the “rebel” “mystic” and “creative” being that I am and were happy to see me making a living as an artist.

Q.Thinking out of the box and executing whatever is in your mind and your interest has never been easy for anyone.What hindrances did you face while pursuing this line?

A: I never discuss the details of my job with anyone until now. When people ask about my profession, my answer is always “ I am an artist, sculpting and design” and most are happy with that. The few that I know are actually interested to know more, the one’s that usually try to be funny or say something negative are the famous online “trolls”, that probably lives in their mom’s basement and will never say anything face to face.

Q.If not an adult toy maker, then what would you have become?

A:Been a Adult toy designer is just one of many things I do, I am also a fine arts painter, (Hindu deities, portraits etc) and sculpt figures like Buddha, Krishna and so on, I do have commissions from customers for my art, I am also a mystic and spiritual Advaita Vedanta teacher and Martial artist as well. ( Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world Champion), ah, I also work on tattoos, even on my own body.

Q.How has your life changed after becoming an adult toy designer?

A: The main thing is able to make a living as an artist, which as we know is not easy, also transcending the sexual taboos and seeing that sexual pleasure is just another expression of consciousness on the physical plane.

Q.Apart from being an adult toy designer you are also a martial arts champion. How do you manage to maintain a balance between the two?

A: I work 7am-4pm and train Jiu-jitsu 6-8 pm 4 times a week, and compete in major tournaments at least once a month. In the last four years I have won close to 60 medals , most of them Gold. It is all about the discipline and doing what you love.

Q.Tell us something about your early life and career.

A.Like, I said before, I always knew my path on earth was art, using my imagination to express myself while finding out my true purpose on earth, which was liberation. I have read all of the spiritual classics and felt always very close to Lord Hanuman, which I tattooed myself on my arm, I re-read everyday the ashtavakra gita, Shiva samhita, Yoga Vasistha etc, so early on I had past life memories and knew where my path was taking me.

Q.What are your hobbies? Apart from being an adult toy designer and a martial arts champion what’s your favourite pass time?

A.Reading, Advaita vedanta, Yoga, writing Poetry, meditation.

Q.Any future plans?

A: Retiring to a remote area and living in complete sanyāsa or renunciation, in harmony with nature until the day of transcending the physical plane comes.


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