A life without songs is an incomplete life. There are so many types of songs be it a rock song, romantic song, dance song or soothing song; we love listening to them as per our choices. Here are few soothing bollywood songs that we have heard a lot many times but don’t really know their exact meaning. Have a look at these lovely songs with beautiful meaning.


Rockstar: Nadan Parinday


soothing bollywood songs

Almost everyone’s favourite song.


O crow, I have so much of request to you, eat (my body’s) flesh,
but do not eat my eyes, don’t eat my eyes as I have a wish to see my lover…




Barfi: Phir Le Aaya Dil


soothing bollywood songs

Among all the soothing bollywood songs this song is most soothing one.


The fate wishes this, what to do,
let us keep meeting as we do, what to do,
the heart says, go make it forever,
that stuck path that is there,
that stuck wish that is there…
that stuck love that is there…




Jodha Akbar: Khwaja Mere Khwaja


soothing bollywood songs

This song soothes the soul.


In Your courtroom, my Lord, we have seen a glow
In Your courtroom, my Lord, the helpers/friends (the ones nearest to God/God’s Messengers)
Used to bow down their heads
You are the caretaker of all, my Lord, Your stature is lovely
On loving/worshipping You, we have achieved (attained) Mustafa
(another name given to Prophet Mohammed, believed by many as the founder of Islam)




Cocktail: Jugni Ji


soothing bollywood songs

Heartbroken yet lovely song.


The first letter (Alif) of God’s name is a flower of love,
you have brought it to the earth of my heart,
there is no specific season of this earth,
You ____ the companion at a wrong time,
May the spirit live long, the spirit that
brought God’s flower to the heart…
O Pir of mine – Spirit being.
indeed, this is the Godly Ones’ Spirit-being
indeed, this is the Holy Prophet’s Spirit-being
indeed, this is the Spirit-being devoted to God
indeed, this is my Pir’s Spirit-being
indeed, this is the long-living Pir’s Spirit-being!




Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Kabira


soothing bollywood songs

Another soothing song among all the soothing bollywood songs is “Kabira”.


How’s this selfishness of yours,
Neither salt nor sugar fit on your tongue…
How’s this selfishness of yours,
that you have forgotten old love…
O free man, free spirit,
you’re a storm of wind…
then why have you ended
within yourself only…




Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara: Khwabon ke Parindey


soothing bollywood songs

A song that motivates you.


In the open sky, fly the birds of dreams
In the land of heart, fly the birds of dreams
o, who knows, where shall (they) go
now that the wings are open, the site says (eyes say)
it seems we have woken up now
worries that were there, have been left behind,
we have come ahead of them




Anjaana Anjaani: Tujhe Bhula Diya


soothing bollywood songs

A sad song with amazing lyrics.


My eyes got raining,
and even the dry dreams got wet (in tears),
My eyes got raining,
my sleep cries in the corners of eyelids,
My eyes got raining,
Tears fall and heart gets hurt
My eyes got raining,
(and) It’s weather of separation’s clouds




Dum Laga Ke Haisha:  Moh Moh Ke Dhaage


soothing bollywood songs

There are many soothing bollywood songs but this song ranks really good.


These threads of enchantment,
have got entangled in your fingers
I have no clue,
how to solve open this knot…
every particle of my body is a musical instrument,
that passes through the clouds…




Bajirao Mastani: Aayat


soothing bollywood songs

Another song with amazing and meaningful lyrics.


I have by hearted you,
like an aayat…
you have set a place for yourself,
like a custom…


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Kailaash kher: Teeri Deewani


soothing bollywood songs

Famous album song loved by almost everyone.



Now all your doubts regarding the meaning of these soothing bollywood songs would be clear. Enjoy listening to the songs by knowing their meaning.

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