We all know what can be done on Social Media. Today it’s not only a photo sharing platform and a place where you can make friends it’s way much more than that. Recently a case came where Social media saved someone’s life. A man from New Jersey and father of five kids who were in need of O Postive kidney got a donor through a viral photo.
Robert Leibowitz, 60 wore a T-shirt that says In Need Of Kidney O Positive Call- ( Phone No.) last year in Disney world for a week-long vacation. Where a lady took a photo of the T-shirt and posted it on Social media. The photo went viral and in a day it had shared 32000 times and in a week it shared over than 90000.

Social media saved someone's life.

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Robert said he couldn’t believe when he starts receiving calls to give courage and lots of people called him to help. Robert says that he didn’t believe in humanity he was emotionally broke and left no hope for the kidney but he acted like he is out of depression and wore that T-shirt in Disney World in a hypothetical hope that something magical will happen, and it did. Still, people don’t believe that Social media saved someone’s life.
And one fine day a Man Richie Sully from Indiana called him and left a voice message that-Hii My Name is Richie. I saw your post. I have an extra kidney and I am O positive and you are more than welcome to have it.
Richie met Robert in NewYork and than surgery was done. Richie says he saw a father who wants to spent his time with his kids and want to be with them. The two-man became friends quickly and Richie came to meet Robert every single day to meet him until he got discharged from the hospital. Now the family is planning to go Disney World next year.
A donation page Youcaring.com has been made to carry Sully’s expense as of Monday evening 29 Jan 2017.

Social media saved someone's life.If we say that Social media was the main essential thing to two connect two parties in this whole process then we won’t be wrong here. So again Social media saved someone’s life.


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