We’ve listed 5 useful Shower tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Smooth and Shiny in the list below. They’ll help you in maintaining your hair health and reduce hair problems instead of increasing them. Washing hair is a very common routine which purifies and cleanses the scalp and keeps hair hydrate, fresh and strong. The benefits become more visible once you use a paraben, sulfate, and conditioner and alcohol-free shampoo. But not all women get these expected benefits, despite using high-quality products. Instead, washing hair results in split ends and hair thinning for some women. The problem gets worse for women having mid-length and long hair.  Even though, at times the product too can be defective. But most importantly, you should know the shower tips to better handling your hair so that it does not lead to hair breakage. We’ve listed 5 useful shower tips in the list below. They’ll help you in maintaining your hair health and reduce hair problems instead of increasing them.

If you wanna your hair to a mermaid-worthy length, so just by avoiding or doing a few things in the shower. You should surely do.  Do you always have a bad hair day when you shower? This post is perfectly what you need to Read….


1.Shampoo The Right Way

washing her hair The Right way -LKP
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Generally, women use most of the shampoo on the general hair length. But, experts say that shampoo the scalp, roots and the nape is more effective as these are the spots where dirt tends to collect. Avoiding use too much shampoo on the ends, as it can cause dryness.


2.Only Use Cold Water

Never wash your hair with hot water, Only Use Cold Water. Hot water is potentially dangerous because it results in dryness by extract all compulsory oils from the scalp & hair strands. It causes a more damage to keratin since keratin goes away affected by heat very easily. The resulting hair is frizzy and dull. The resulting hair is dull, coarse and thin. Using only cold water is your final rescue to boost the hydration quotient that keeps the scalp healthy.


3.Brush their hair the right way

Brush their hair the right way -LKP

Most women don’t’ know how to brush their hair the right way. It’s quite vital, as once you brush your hair behind being paid out of a shower Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy, Smooth and Shiny, you can end up damaging the roots and. Use a brush and work through the complication. Always start at the bottom and work your way up. Keep in mind to always brush outwardly.


4.Do Not Stretch your hair The Shampooing Time

Do Not Stretch your hair The Shampooing Time

Do not keep cream your hair with a shampoo in a hope of removing all the sebum, sweat, dirt and dand-ruff in a single wash. Abstractly, you should condition and shampoo your hair within 20 minutes of being underwater. The case if different though when you’re using a masque instead of a conditioner. In this case, shampoo your hair for the not lot of than 5 minutes.


5.Condition Your Hair

Condition Your Hair -LKP

Do you typically leave your conditioner on for 5 minutes in the shower? Well, if you do, then you’re wasting your time, as conditioner doesn’t make a difference. Conditioners generally have an instantaneous effect and once you apply conditioner in the shower, Instead of using a regular conditioner, consider deep conditioning your hair once in two weeks. It cannot access your hair any further. The best way to use a conditioner is to apply it just before you step into a shower & shampoo your hair. You can use some oil like coconut oil or yet a small olive oil to moisturize your freshly shampooed hair.


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