Shama Sikander, who started off her career from Yeh Meri Life Hai recently got trolled for posting her bikini pics online. She went to Sydney for holiday at the time of new year with her boyfriend James Milliron and the couple had a good time.

Shama Sikander

Then when she posted her pictures online she started getting absurd comments on her pictures which she had posted. And Shama shut the mouth of the trollers by reverting them back this.

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Shama Sikander

She wrote”A woman has BOOBS…that’s what makes her different than men and I’m grateful that I’m a woman and a blessed one indeed. Yes “I HAVE BOOBS” and nice ones indeed….they are “juicy” and also are “melons” or whatever else you prefer calling them. I think it’s time for all those TROLLS who like to give my body parts names like these to get over it and move on in life. They are mine and I love them…#BodyShaming #NotTalented #RespectWomen #LoveForBikini” in revenge.

Shama Sikander

Shama loves to travel to a place as we have seen her traveling to Dubai in October and in Europe in August with her boyfriend.

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