Sex Once Per Week Could Slow Aging process in Human


a little a part of you died once you got the wind that sex does not really count as exercise, this news ought to revive you: Sex might deliver the even higher advantage of prolonging your life, in line with the results of a little study 1st printed Online within the medical journal, Psychoneuroendocrinology in March that is simply creating its rounds.

In the study, researchers compared the length of DNA strand protectors referred to as telomeres among 129 mothers in committed relationships. Telomeres ar a reliable measure of health since they shorten as you age, and also the shorter your telomeres, the additional doubtless you’re to develop a complication and premature death, in line with lead investigator Tomás Cabeza DE Baca of the University of California.

They additionally assessed the women’s overall relationship satisfaction, perceived stress levels, and daily reports on partner support, conflict, and *~intimacy~* over the course of every week.

Although there was no correlation between the moms’ and length and measures like partner support or relationship satisfaction, ladies who reportable having had sex a minimum of once throughout the week had considerably longer telomeres, even once the results were adjusted for factors that would mess with the results, like perceived stress and relationship quality.
Granted, this study was little and experimental, which does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between sex and end length (or longer life for that matter). FWIW, it is also fully attainable that the healthiest ladies were most sexually active, not the opposite manner around. till researchers check out the mechanism behind this magic with a bigger, controlled study, the simplest recommendation is to possess sex along with your partner as often times as you each want while not ulterior motives — or act and scratch that itch on your own, since onanism has its own advantages, too. And if additional sex happens? It actually will not kill ya.

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