Politics and valentines in IndiaPolitics and valentines in India are so for like sun and moon or earth and sky. The things that never meet each other’s aspects. But certainly, Politics always seems much more influenceable and powerful on valentines day or on the people who celebrate it. In almost every city of the country, the protest and criticism take place.
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Politics and valentines in IndiaThe logic behind the protests is pretty illogical. As the protesters say that Valentine’s day is an unconstitutional and unwelcomed thing on the soil the very country and it is a threat to the country’s culture and pious rituals. Hundreds of couple are bullied and harassed by these pseudo-liberal countrymen. Thousands of democratic people come on the street to rip of the democracy of the country.

Politics and valentines in IndiaWhereas the paramount constitution says that everyone in this country is free to follow the habits, religion, and choices. Undoubtedly these fanatics are a real threat to the country’s democracy. Hope with time we will see the maturity and a sense of responsibility towards a democratic country in people. But to reach that desirable point there is a long way to go, till that we gotta fight for the freedom in a free country.


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