A vaccination programme that was initiated with the intention of providing higher healthcare services to kids as young as 9 months to 15 years has kick-started in Trivandrum, Kerala. The drive started today is a Measles- Rubella vaccination and is expected to go on until November 30. This drive was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Pinrayai Vijayan on Tuesday. Iqrah Shanam, who is that the girl of Muhammed Y Safirulla, District Collector told news agencies that vaccination is important to save the children from each possible deadly sickness. It increases a child’s immunity and such vaccinations are essential. There were several rumors doing rounds that claimed these vaccinations may not be safe and necessary. However, the fact is that with it is very much safe and conjointly unavoidable. Since the planet is witnessing many evolving scientific changes, it is always better to adapt to these than cling to old beliefs. This vaccination drive won’t only build children safe from diseases but also will increase all the attention required. There were also several classes conducted that taught parents and teachers the importance and safety of this vaccination drive. For those who don’t know about measles and measles, here are 5 facts which will urge you to stay your child safe from measles.

Measles is a contagious disease and usually, happens to somebody who has never had it before. It is caused by a virus. Rubella is a viral infection that enters a kid’s system through the respiratory route.

MR vaccines are specifically designed to grant children immunity from each these diseases. A Mr vaccine drive keeps everyone immune and there are lesser risks of kids getting this.

It is not just kids who get this disease; even adults are highly prone to Measles and Rubella.

One of the leading causes of child deaths is because of measles. 3 million cases of measles are registered every year. Now isn’t this an alarming number?

The symptoms of this infectious disease are high temperature, sore eyes, small white dots inside the mouth and itchy rash.

These are the 5 important things about measles and Rubella that you should be aware of. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So get the MR vaccine so that you or your kids can stay safe from this disease.


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