International Women’s Day:

We all call ourselves democratic, liberal and someone who believes in parity. But in a real sense we all are running from the truth and as well as lying to our self. I am not talking about men here but also woman also doesn’t believe in equality. I have heard many young girls saying that they are not equivalent to men because they are the woman.

International Women's Day

But there are people too who are trying to break this sexist concept and trying for more than a decade to spread the message that woman are as equally talented as men and celebrate International Woman day. Although there are people who oppose it, but who give a damn to those misogynists.

International Women's Day

International women’s day-

Today, March 8, 2018, is celebrated as International women’s day. Women’s day is not a country, region or organization specific. This day’s aim is to achieve gender equality so it’s celebrated in all countries. The very first woman’s day was celebrated by Socialist party of America in 1909 but in 1913, 8 March was proposed for this day (maybe because it was Sunday) and since then the day is celebrated on 8 March every year.
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International Women's Day

Every year to raise awareness and to achieve parity a slogan is promoted by the campaigners related to the woman. This year’s slogan is Press for progress. As we all know that last year a lot of women came in front and told the press that they were sexually abused by many rich and influential people, So it is important now to be open for every woman out there.

International Women's Day

World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report says that it will take more 200 years to achieve the gender parity. It’s been Over than a century, people are trying to minimize the gap between man and woman and if it takes more 200 years to erase the gap than something is really wrong in the way. Surely we shouldn’t wait for 200 years to see the gender equality because it means that woman has to suffer and sacrifice for more 200 years
And I don’t agree with it.

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