Splitsvilla fame Akash Choudhary has succeeded in becoming one of the most favorite contestants on the show.Here are few excerpts from his interview with Lovekarmapassion.com

When asked about his life before Splitsvilla he said, “Before Splitsvilla I was Mr.India, so the fame was there but the kind of fame I got after Splitsvilla is very different, like if I walk outside now people recognize me, they stop and ask for a selfie which is a very new thing for me. It’s very difficult right now to adapt to that thing because I don’t know how to react when somebody asks for a selfie.Before I had respect and dignity more but now people have mixed reviews. Some people will like me some people will not like me. Before Splitsvilla I was altogether a model and now I have become a TV personality. Earlier life was much simpler, easy and plain. It was just that I was belonging to fashion fraternity, now I belong to TV and fashion both.”

Many times we wonder whether the happenings in the Villa are actually real or made up and scripted, Akash clears all our doubts. He says,”Splitsvilla is not scripted, I would not say it is scripted but it’s not entirely real also. For reality shows be it any reality show they are not real but they are not scripted also whatever we say whatever we do is our own content our own view but as we know it’s a show we know that we have to be visible in the show we tend to pick up hype for no reason we plan things. We do stuff so that we might get more screen space and the show might get more TRPs. Plus the plot is created in such way that even if you want to do a certain thing or you don’t want to do that thing….you’ll actually end up doing that thing. The plot is made but it’s not scripted but it’s not real also. In one month’s time, you cannot fall in love with anyone.”

The characters that we see on the reality show are very different from the people they actually are in their real life. To this, he says,”Akash that you see on the show is very calm. In the real life, I am not that calm if I don’t like somebody I will snap that person then and there. In the show, I am on one side and the entire villa is on the other side still I try to use my words properly just to be on the show. I stick to the thing that I should not be too harsh to somebody. I am the same Akash that you see on the show but I am not that calm in my real life. I am more responsive and very hyper in real life.”

He shared his experience with us. It was a mixed experience being on Splitsvilla, he says,”I wouldn’t say it was too good neither was it too bad. Sometimes when you are away from your family and do not have your mobile phone and not even the basic necessities of life. You are not even allowed to have chocolates, alcohol, cold drinks and when you don’t have these things you get cranky,so as the days were passing we were getting cranky which is a bad part and then you have to shoot back to back sometimes at 4 am in the morning till 8 or 20 so you tend to get cranky and angry but the good part is that you see that how people are desperate to be on the screen and they would do anything. Then you learn the camera, you learn production work. If you are in an acting career is a very good platform as it makes you learn off-camera things. We meet new people. We get to see Sunny and Ranvijay. We learn how they react how they are off camera. So it’s good also and bad also, bad because I got so much tanned and got out of our body shape. You gain on the part where you don’t want to gain and you’ll lose on the part where you don’t want to lose. You’ll lose your biceps and triceps.”

Revealing his future plans he said,”There were rumors around the people might see me in Bigg Boss but then it didn’t work out actually. But you might see me in Nach Baliye with Ritu. I am planning to do TV shows and I am giving auditions for TV shows. I want the main lead role. I don’t look forward to movies to be very honest. I really want to do TV that’s my main goal right now.”




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