As the February has already begun everyone has started preparing for their V-Day special. Today I will tell you about Iconic Onscreen Bollywood Couple. Kajol and Shahrukh Khan are the most loved Jodi in India.

Iconic Onscreen Bollywood Couple

The duo started their career in Bollywood in 1992. Shahrukh Khan made a debut in the film “Deewana” whereas Kajol started her career from “Bekhudi’.

When they started working in Baazigar the duo was loved by the audience. They both are irreplaceable Jodi of Bollywood industry. The duo is really good friends in real life too as they did a lot of movies together they are the most Iconic Onscreen Bollywood Couple

Iconic Onscreen Bollywood Couple

Srk and Kajol in DDLJ kept their chemistry alive and that movie is the most successful movie. She played a role of Simran while he played Raj in the movie.

Iconic Onscreen Bollywood Couple

In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai they both played a role of husband and wife. They have always created a magic with their chemistry online and offscreen. They are the only one who has a lot of fans when they unite for a movie.

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