Iconic Hollywood Onscreen Couple is Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The duo worked together in the most romantic film “Titanic” which everyone might have seen around the globe.

Iconic Hollywood Onscreen Couple

It’s such a beautiful story of two people. The chemistry between the two was mindboggling we would like to see both of them in some other movie. It received a lot of awards right after it was released. It was not only loved by the foreign countries but also in India.

Iconic Hollywood Onscreen Couple

It’s been 21 years ever since the film hit the screens and made a big hit. The fans still watch their movie and haven’t gotten over with his movie.

Iconic Hollywood Onscreen Couple

During an interview, Winslet said, “It’s crazy but it’s wonderful how people still get such a kick out of the (Titanic characters) Jack and Rose combo,”.

We love the movie Titanic and we wish they were a couple in real life too.They are the true Iconic Hollywood Onscreen Couple

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