Being a big bagholic, I have been in love with this amazing accessory since ages now. Bags aren’t just another accessory; they are our every day companion. Bags have an utility that make them a woman’s ultimate BFF. Pair an amazing bag with the dullest of outfits and your entire #OOTD goes off the roof!

So here is my list of top five bags every woman should own:

The Classic Clutch

Clutch is the ultimate classy bag. They are an epitome elegance and class. Team them up with a sparkling evening gown or a beautiful ethnic sari; they are definitely going to make heads turn. They are chic but usable by women of all ages.

The Sassy Handbag

Handbags are meant for ladies who want to showcase their sassy side. From Hollywood to Bollywood, the famous ‘Leading Lady’ carry her bag in her hand while walking around the city has been made iconic with this. Handbags are specially designed to look younger and give your daily look an amazing update.

The Over-sized Tote

Totes are the best when it comes to utility. These bags are oversized and suits best for that shopping spree with your girlfriends or that amazing vacay glamour. They are large enough to accommodate all your belongings (and even more!) Look for colours that can make your tote not just great for utility but also look gorgeous.

The Cute Satchel

Satchel bags are inspired from school bags or study bags that we used all our lives but never paid much attention to. These bags are sleeker than other ones and look great for a casual outing. Satchels have less space so one needs to be very choosy about the things she wants to carry. But apart from that you can opt from different colour or even prints and the best part is they are a great accessory for even men!

The Sleek Sling

Sling bags are my personal favourite. These bags are small with a long strap which make them very convenient to carry. These are pretty scarce in space so you should check for slings which have enough to carry your necessities. Also, they come in various different strap textures which make them versatile with varied outfits and looks.



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