Men ar from Mars and women ar from Venus. If we proceed with this thought, we all know that there ar sure things boys try this create completely no sense to us. whereas we ar willing to giving up of some of their dangerous habits, the others drive us insane. So, here ar Ten things that men do, that we’ll ne’er be ready to get our heads around!

  1. Not having the ability to note small things

Let alone noticing our mood changes, they generally don’t even understand that we got a haircut. Why though?

  1. Why they’re therefore untidy at times?

So, a storm destroyed disturbance in your room? Is that why it’s sort of a prodigious mess?

  1. Not being too communicative

We girls positively don’t have a tangle with expressing our emotions. One check up on our face and we are ready to get what we ar feeling. It doesn’t work the opposite means round as a result of for a few reason most guys have a tangle with expressing themselves and that we simply don’t understand why!!

  1. Why shopping seems like such a giant deal to them

We might go slightly overboard with shopping from time to time, however, we still love the expertise. Most men, on the opposite hand, feel it’s a waste of your time and cash and ar terribly happy repetition their black and blue shirt in turns.

  1. continuously voice communication that they drive higher than us

In case you didn’t understand driving has nothing to try and do with gender. each man and ladies may be terrible or wonderful drivers.

  1. The obsession with boobs and butts

Yes, we’ve ‘em body elements. live through it, already!

  1. Their constant confusion with toilet seat

You put it up, pee and place it go into reverse. it’s extremely that simple!

  1. looking all the matches on tv.

We perceive that you simply wish to remain affixed to the tv once your favorite team is taking part in however what’s with the lazing around once just a few random sports match is on tv?

  1. Blaming nearly everything on our Periods

Maybe it’s not our periods. perhaps it’s really YOU!

  1. Not knowing once one thing is wrong

How are you able to not understand that one thing is wrong once all you probably did was piss us off the total day?



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