Dear parents, you guys are the most amazing creation of nature, the mankind could never exist without you. You are the most selfless, loving and sacrificing people on the planet. The hardships you go through to see that one smile on your baby’s face and the twinkle in their eyes is unimaginable. Just for your child to have a better life you give them your everything. Words aren’t enough to explain how much your kids owe to you. This children’s day lets cherish the beauty of these adorable blooming buds you love so much by giving them just the perfect gift.



In the 21st century, the human race has conquered everything except their time which nonetheless is the most important asset your child desires of you to become the best versions of themselves. Sometimes out of frustration parents tend to shout on their kids and beat them or just ignore them by giving them the silent treatment to make them learn something which is actually an easy way with a lot of negative outcomes affecting your child’s mental health later in life causing them to acquire sociopathic, psychopathic and narcissistic traits. Without a question , its an agreeable fact that  you should not always put your child on pedestal but there are other healthy ways to help your child learn stuff like – talking to them and understanding their perspective and correcting them wherever possible – it is in all means a very slow process but it makes your little blossoms into wonderful flowers.




This is an illustration by
John Holcraft depicting that some parents are just “too controlling” when it comes to their child’s life – they just feel that they have to decide everything and the child herself/himself has no say in their life. Guys its high time that you understand that your child is a person, not a farmland where you can grow any crop you decide. Don’t kill your child’s desire for your expectations.

This CHILDREN’S DAY Save your child from becoming a machine which is capable of fulfilling dreams – not theirs but others’. The societal norms and the outstanding industrial age educational system are rivals to your child’s creativity. Your children need your support to make their way out of this awful vicious cycle to be the change they dream.




There are few things in life that you are better off explaining to your child then the internet and your children’s equally inexperienced and clueless friends. I hope you are catching the pulse of my words and you totally get it that I’m talking about you having a proper “sex talk” with your child nevertheless the “relationship talk” is equally important.  

First and foremost I would like to mention that the sex talk shouldn’t be a one-liner stating – “ sex after marriage”. As a parent, you should educate yourself properly to educate your child in the biological, psychological and social aspect of sex-ed and educate your child in a way that does not involve slut-shaming.

After all, sex is a part of life and you shouldn’t consider it a taboo otherwise the prize your child may have to pay for you to avoid an uncomfortable conversation can be huge. Knowledge is power and it will protect your child from sexual abuse.


Being your child’s friend is one decision you will never regret. It will be a life-changing experience for you and your blossom. No doubt friendship between parents and children is close to impossible but if you manage to fill the gap then it will do wonders to your life and unquestionably keep the child in you alive.

Lovekarmapassion Happy children’s day


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