“Can you consume too many proteins? Much a lot of protein is converted into fat? can it help me to build more muscles?” I usually face these questions as a health coach often. I think people think that one calorie is only one calorie and if they consume more, then it is bound to be converted into fat. But this is not true. You can not treat the calories returning from carbohydrate the same as that of supplement. Another group of people thinks that more proteins will produce more muscle after building protein muscles. Well, it’s a myth too with this piece, I’m attending to empty out all my doubts about this subject once for all.

How Much Is Too Much Protein?

People typically follow a protocol to consume one.8-2.0 grams of protein per kg of their body per day. Even about 0.8 gm per kilogram of supplement body weight is recommended for active persons. Additional consumption of proteins means that when you consume over two grams per kilogram of your weight within the supplement, then in this situation, it’s believed that the excess protein in your diet is fats by the process known as gluconeogenesis. are going to be modified.

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Does Excess Protein Get Converted Into Fat?

A reason behind this assumption is that if you eat more calories than the supplement, then it becomes converted into extra fat.supplement is metabolized in amino acids and ammonia, the remaining carbon compounds are reborn into glucose, that’s employed by the body as energy. Although it may look good in theory, there is a different story in practical research that explains. In particular, the heavy lifting in relation to trained athletes and those people was conducted by a study, exercise and sports sciences, Nova Southeastern University, san Francisco, during which athletes suggested the daily allowance of 5.5 times the supplement. He consumed 4.4 gm/kg/day per day, which has been studied so far. The result was that such hyper calorie high protein diet doesn’t have any effect on body structure nor will it result in fat mass. The extra calories coming from the protein are not metabolized in the body similar to carbohydrate. So we will certainly conclude that tthe you consume over the higher limit of your protein intake, you can not get fat. in addition, extra proteins will not build more muscle either

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When Is Protein Stored As Fat?

Previous overfeeding studies were conducted on non-trained athletes who had an inactive lifestyle. In those studies, subjects had seen a rise in fat content when taking extra calories from the supplement. But in that case, they used to consume more calories than carbohydrate, so it would be wrong to blame the supplement for the rise in fat mass. the reality is that it’s very difficult and there is a rare situation where your body can begin changing the supplement to aldohexose and store it as fat even gluconeogenesis isn’t a method of self-trigger; It only kicks in when you starve yourself with excessive calorie restrictions.

Protein Intake lovekarmapassion


So considering the fact that most people that are reading this piece are already deficient in the supplement, you ought to not be disturbed by getting a supplement from uptake too much protein. This sound is not related. If you are a well-trained player, you will not get fat by eating 3 grams of supplement per kilogram of your body weight.

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