Recently we all have been hearing a lot about many different stories from various parts of India about women braids being chopped off.

Many women have spoken about their braids being cut and also they don’t remember anything about the incident. They all have felt headaches which is intolerable and which feels like nerves are being hit with a hammer and after they wake up in the morning they see their braids being cut.

The funny part about this whole mystery is that the chopper is not taking the braid away. Women can see the braid lying on their bed. One can easily see the long plated braid lying on their bed.

The incident came to light when many ladies from Agra, Gurugram spoke about their painful experience, how they fell unconscious and the moment they saw their hair lying next to them.

The incident is mostly taking place in villages but recently reports were there about the chopper man being appeared in Delhi’s Rohini and Greater Noida.

Similar cases have been reported from UP, Punjab as well. People are literally scared to step out of their houses and also images are circulated of people sleeping with helmets on.

People are actually confused and terrified because nobody has actually seen this man or ghost in real. Many have just seen a shadow and many of them haven’t even seen that also. Many have neglected this incident considering it as a myth and a rumour just like the hammer man and the monkey man. Nobody knows who was it and what was it and many have confessed their stories.

Many years ago, in 1942 same mystery had occurred about the Phantom Barber in Mississippi. It was said that the barber struck mostly on Monday’s and Friday’s. After many investigations there were arrests and later this incident went off.

Now, the main issue here is no one can make a police complaint as there is no IPC section for this and also women are unable to explain their experience because there is no body, face or identity.

Many are calling it an act by Ghost, by a cat or just being a rumour made by someone.

Media and police are trying to investigate the stories somehow and are reaching to every extent.

It may be a mystery or it can also be a true event but we all need to pay attention to every news happening and also report the incident truthfully.

Girls… be careful about your hair and stay safe…


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