Cinema is incomplete without comedy movies and comedy movies are incomplete without these few actors. It is not at all easy to make the audience laugh. A script is given in the hand of the actor, but it’s up to the actor how to act and deliver the dialogue so that the audience would laugh. This is where the bollywood comedy actor proves himself to be good. Following are few actors who are always remembered as great comedy actors.

Johnny Lever


bollywood comedy actor

When someone says bollywood comedy actor, then the first name that strikes to our mind is Johnny Lever. And why not he has proved himself to be a good comedian. Be it movies with love story such as kuch kuch hota hai, koi mil gaya or be it a comedy movie like Goalmaal 3 etc. His acting as a comedian has always been perfect.


Paresh  Rawal


bollywood comedy actor

We have seen his negative role and comedy role as well. Although he has done the negative role but when it comes to comedy, he has nailed his character. His name reminds of the movie Hera Pheri.  Hera Pheri can be watched for “n” number of times as Paresh Rawal’s acting has made us rolling on laughing floor.


Rajpal Yadav


bollywood comedy actor

He is younger than the above actors yet too good at comedy. Almost all the roles he has played in bollywood are of a comedian. And has never let down when it comes to comedy. His expressions, height, over activeness and way of delivering dialogue are the major reasons that make the audience laugh loud. No doubt he is known as a bollywood comedy actor.


Sanjay Mishra


bollywood comedy actor

Mishra is like a mishri…he speaks in a voice as sweet as sugar. He has played many roles as a comedy actor in many movies and has carried his character in a very wonderful manner. Every time he plays the role of a comedian, he is successful in engaging the audience in the movie and without fail his acting makes everyone laugh.

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Vijay Raaz


bollywood comedy actor

Vijay Raaz the name itself is enough to make us laugh. From Bombay to Goa to Delhi-Belly and other countless numerous performances; he nailed his character every single time and as he is the best so we can’t name one movie or character. Still, we can go for Das of Bombay to Goa and Cowboy of Delhi Belly.

So, which one is your favourite bollywood comedy actor among these? Well, as per me all of the mentioned actors are great at their roles; its very difficult to compare them. Honestly, without these actors, our cinemas would have been empty.

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