Bollywood celebs successful businesses is one of the hottest gossip that everyone wants to know. A career in the film industry doesn’t mean that your stardom will remain forever. You can have that back up option for your future and for your old age and as the competition in this industry is rapidly increasing, so you don’t know if the if the superstar of today will command the same power and popularity tomorrow as well. Here is the list of Bollywood celebs successful businesses.

1.Shilpa Shetty

The hot diva from B-town is one of the tallest actresses in this film industry. We all know that she owns an IPL team but other than this she has launched a perfume, a fitness DVD and she became the partner of IOSIS chain of spas in Mumbai. Probably she has done a Halla Bol on the whatever business she joins.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

2. Lara Dutta

A mom, Miss Universe, Lara she has started her own production company ie. Bheegibasanti. In 2011, they even produce the film ‘Chalo Dilli’ which was an average on the box office.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

3. Shah Rukh Khan

He is one of the richest actor in this film industry. His production company produces films and its VFX division offers VFX and animation services to other production houses and filmmakers. He is the boss of Bollywood industry.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses
4.Sushmita Sen

A beauty pageant at 18, Sushmita Sen is an efficient businesswoman. She has set up a production company by the name Tantra Entertainment. She also runs a jewellery store in Dubai.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

5.Bobby Deol

He has his own restaurant known as ‘Someplace Else Back’ which was started in 2006. The place has a beautiful interior, and its cuisines are world famous. Given his best in Race 3, he has proven his talent with his comeback.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

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6. Ajay Devgn

He is one of the finest actor of Bollywood. The actor is a part investor in the Charanaka solar project in Gujarat. Ajay along with the Roha Group invested multi-crores in the 25 MW plant and currently it is growing day by day.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

7. Ronit Roy

Known as Amitabh of the small screen, Ronit has a security service called Ace security and protection. The agency takes cares of stars like Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir etc.

Bollywood celebs successful businesses

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