Bella Hadid was left brokenhearted earlier this year when she realized the Fetish hitmaker – who she knew through mutual friends had stricken up a romance with the 27-year-old singer simply 2 months once they terminated they’re on/off a relationship.

However, it looks there are not any longer any hard feelings between the brunette beauty and therefore the 25-year-old pop star as a result of she’s not interested in her ex’s dating life.

Bella’s lack of interest comes months once she admitted that she and therefore the Weeknd’s break up will forever weigh serious on her heart because it absolutely was her 1st correct split.

She said: ‘As an outsider, you might suppose I handled it so well however it is usually in your heart, and you usually feel it terribly heavily. it’s going to be hard for a short time. Love hurts, however you’ve got to tug through. there is no awkwardness between us.’

Rumors are currently moving that Bella is enjoying a romance with rapper Drake once he planned a twenty-first birthday bash for her over the weekend.
‘He planned it and procured everything.

The supermodel and a group of pals gathered at Socialista lounge in new york on Monday.
When asked by Cohen regarding whether Drake splashed the money for Bella’s birthday.


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