To start with there are many actresses whose glamour and beauty is just awesome but to look more pretty more marvelous and charming many of them have gone under the mouth of death.

No doubt, each and every actress want to look sexy and gorgeous.But not everyone is that lucky. Because some of them have undergone the surgery which was terribly wrong.


One of the worst victims of this technique is Koena Mitra.The actress who was the famous dancer and who motivated the people through her dancing suffered a disastrous nose job due to which she had to quit the Bollywood career.

Bollywood actress before and after surgery photos


The most excited and loudest person on his Lilliput and the one who praise everything she does.

She also suffered through surgery as after the confrontation her face looked more plastic than before. The people did not accept to recognize her and there was rumored too that many of them fail to recognize her in one public event.

 This made Rakhi unhappy and embarrassed.

Bollywood actress before and after surgery photos

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The queen of the film industry Kangana Ranaut whose beauty was actually admirable by all.

But unfortunately, she was not satisfied with her natural beauty. She has undergone many numerous treatments to make her features more bleak and sharp.

The treatment was of lip correction, breast implant, nose job and eyelid enhancement. Though she looks beautiful but the people miss her original and cute face.

Bollywood actress before and after surgery photos


How can we forget the most innocent and cutest actress by her face as well as her voice i.e the one and only Juhi Chawla who also undergone the surgery of the nose.

In a bid to make her nose more attractive the actress again become the victim of technology. Her innocent face was just washed off due to her improper surgery of the nose.

Bollywood actress before and after surgery photos

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