Day 59 in the Bigg Boss 11, starts with the Hiten Tejwai’s newly waxed legs, and during the luxury task Bandgi Kalra, Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa Shinde and Hiten had to torture Hina Khan, Arshi Khan, Akash and Luv.

And the perfect time for Bandgi Kalra to take revenge from Hina Khan during this task. While Priyank and Vikas was the moderator and both of them hide Hiten’s and Puneesh’s trimmer but seems like it’s not easy to fool them as they found trimmer too easily.

Bandgi Kalra was seen agressive in the entire task as she threw Hina’s makeup for no reason. The first person that lied down on bed to torture was Arshi Khan. She gave up after Bandgi threatens to chop her hair.

The second contender was Akash, and opposition team played cheap and used wax stips which was used for Hiten, and the team used those strips on Akash’s bald forehead and face. Bandgi and Shilpa then forced him to eat garlic which later spilled all over his face.

Bandgi Kalra

Akash calls Shilpa “The worst women of India” and hats off to Akash who was hanging there until the time was up.  

Luv was next to be tortured.  Puneesh tried to trim his hair and he was successful also. Bandgi tried wax strips on him but he did not give up.

Next was Hina Khan and Bandgi cuts off her hair and Shilpa put all the used wax strips on her face and even she didn’t give up and stays until the bell rang.

Bandgi Kalra

The score is 3-3. The winner is decided by checking the time taken by the contenders to complete the task.

Since Bandagi hung in for a long time, her team wins.

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