With “Thong Jeans” Making Their Debut At The Amazon Fashion Week In Tokyo.

If you were set up on buying a thong to wear your jeans, you do not to anymore. At the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, designer Thibaut showcased barely-there jeans known as the “thong jeans”. Shortly, many of us criticised the look online. One person tweeted,

“Fashion Designer: provide me a combine of scissors and a pair of old jeans. Future big fashion trend #thongjeans.” Even as designer specialist universal is crash they appear and question the purpose of the jeans, some say it’s the fashion designer’s freedom of expression.


Talking about the world of fashion, jeans are always Evergreen, whether it is simple jeans, love jeans or damaged jeans. But today we are going to show you a look of jeans that you may find it difficult to understand that this is jeans or something else…….

You may feel a little strange by watching the clippings hanging around the legs, but this fashion is called “Thong Jeans”.

Recently, models at the Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, rumped the model, which has a lot of things in which people’s attrition points. However, one of the most eye-catching people in the world, she was’ Thong Jeans’, one of Jeans’ most weird fashion.

The expertise of this genus is that after wearing it, the model’s legs & legs were seen. After seeing the people start to talk in a different way and seeing this style came to the target of people on social media….


Well-known designer Nachiket Barve says, ‘It’s positively simply an attention-seeking gimmick. Thong jeans are bizarre and there’s no creativeness at all. Lots of designers worldwide like to experiment, however, there’s real creativeness and so there’s nonsense. Designers ought to begin making garments that real individuals will wear or create art instead. Thong jeans don’t match into any of the classes. Within the name of creativeness, almost something is being done.’

Experts additionally say that whereas there’s a panel that decides what garments are often showcased throughout fashion weeks, generally exceptions are created. Whereas the model that showcased the thong jeans isn’t a global name, would alternative well-known models sport something therefore bizarre? A former Femina Miss India Bangalore runner-up and kingfisher Super-models three contestant replies in the negative.

‘This is bizarre. I respect designers and their selections, however, there are limits. As a model or maybe as simply a traditional person, I’d never sport something like that. Yes, you’ll be able to experiment in fashion. Woman Gaga is understood for wearing terribly bizarre things too, however, it’s her selection and she carries it well. Thong jeans simply look terribly weird. Within the past eight years as a model, I haven’t been asked to wear something as weird as that!’- She says.

Meanwhile, many stylists and designers are the expressions that it’s a freedom of expression. Stylist Rick Roy says that whereas models usually wear weird garments on the ramp, regular individuals will wear it in several ways in which and elegance it. “It’s bizarre, however, if you team it up with something sort of a sequined leg covering on the inside and wear the thong jeans as an adjunct, it’ll look very cool. This can be for those who prefer to be unconventional and funky. It’s not fully wearable; however, it may be experimented with. With such a lot of designers experimenting throughout the globe, why ought to this be criticised?” asks Rick.

Archa Mehta, who says this, might become a future rage in the fashion industry. ‘Thong jeans needn’t be criticised. This can be a way of expression. Some could say it’s ugly, whereas some notice it lovely. I wouldn’t in person wear it or vogue somebody in it although, as that’s not my aesthetic. However it might estimate for others! Tokyo is thought for experimental and dramatic fashion. Plenty of things that they style might not be worn by individuals in several different elements of the globe. That’s a country’s take on fashion,’ -She says.



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