Hi guys,

Today is my family time day. I try to have one day in a week reserved just for that. I think lots of us feel lonely from time to time. In my personal experience if we wait for someone to love, a lot of time will pass before we feel truly happy and fulfilled. So why not be happy now and all the time? Instead of waiting, give love. The best way to feel fulfilled is to do something with your closest ones. Maybe it sounds boring but having old fashioned Sunday family lunch and doing mani padis with my mom warms my heart 🙂

You will be surprised how easyly we forget these small but important things due every day life struggle. So if you’re feeling blue, pick up the phone and call someone close to you. Let them know how much you appreciate them and do something fun. It’s important to manage your time so that you can make room for happiness, fun and love.

But if you are doing that already, share your stories with us.

Here is me with my cat wishing you a great day and successful upcoming week and of course sending you much love.



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