Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan was apprehended by Mumbai police after he hit one rickshaw driver and a lady passenger in Mumbai. In the accident, driver and the fellow passenger was injured and were taken to the hospital by Aditya himself for the treatment. Aditya Narayan arrested for a car accident

Mumbai police has filed a case against him under IPC 278 and 338. Inlight of the ongoing enquiry the singer was kept under scrutiny and also had to go through a blood test just to check whether he was drunk or not when this incident took place.

The singer is now out from the custody through bail and a he had to give penalty of Rs.10,000 but the investigation is still going on.

Looks like he has been in another trouble. Recently he argued and said things in an abrupt language with an airline authorities and the video also went viral after which his fans and other people dismayed him for being so rude to them and talking to them in a very bad manner.

Aditya Narayan arrested for a car accident

Airline further took out an statement where in they said that if he keep behaving in such a manner than he will not be able to travel with this airline anymore.

On this news his dad, Udit Narayan said All I want to say is that since his childhood he has been a good boy and has worked hard. I don’t know what happened there between them. He looks angry in the video”. He further said that it is very disheartening to see Aditya Narayan arrested for a car accident

Seems like Aditya is going through a rough phase as he is getting into trouble these days.

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