World mental health Day is celebrated every year on October ten to raise awareness regarding mental health and for mental health education to eliminate the stigma related to mental illness. The World Federation for Mental Health launched World Mental Health Day in the year 1992. The day is celebrated by organizing events and program to place the spotlight on mental state. The theme for World Mental Health Day 2017 is ‘mental health in the workplace’. People spend a huge part of the life in their office and the experiences at the workplace affect your physical as well as mental health. If the working environment is negative, it can result in not simply stress and mental issues but will affect the productivity of the worker. Workplace stress is a serious issue but unfortunately, only a few companies have sufficient resources to manage the stress. The common causes of stress at workplace embrace excessive work, lack of work-life balance, low income, lack of growth opportunities, long nights and unclear expectations. If you think your workplace stress is affecting your health it is time to take steps to eliminate the stress. Here are some tips to help you cope with the strain at your work

Talk to your family members or friends

Talking to your friends and family members, they are your support system. This will help you get a better picture of your problems and manage it better. Try to connect to your colleagues at work.

Practice breathing exercises

Breathing exercise can help you to calm your mind and lower the strain. Take a deep breath whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This will also help in improving your concentration. You can practice breathing exercises at your desk and it is effective.

Take some time off to recharge

It is important to take some time|it slow|your time} far from work once in a while to rejuvenate. you need time to recover from the stress and the tension at the work. Go to the place you always wanted to go, switch off your phone during that period and enjoy. Disconnect to unwind and recharge yourself.

Avoid food that can affect your mood

Try to avoid caffeine and trans fat as these foods will have a negative effect on your mood. Also, cut back the intake of comfort foods like french fries, pastries, and honeyed snacks. Although, these foods will make you feel good but will result in a sudden crash in energy and mood and this will affect your mood and worsen the symptoms of stress.

Improve the quality of your sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential to manage your stress and work better. Lack of sleep can interfere with your problem-solving skills, productivity, and concentration. You can improve your sleep with these tips. Switch off your television and computer an hour before you hit the bed. You can listen to soothing music or read to get better sleep.

Your work life can become stressful if you are not happy with the work or are bored. Try to identify the reason for the stress and take action before it causes serious mental and physical health problems


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