Have you seen those Love birds?
Couples who live together for years and don’t even think of breaking up. They give us hope for eternal love existence. Always smiling, hugging & caring for their partners, such couples are the basis for dozens of myths everyone believes about successful romance.

What do you see when meeting those couple? Sparkling hearts flying around or hundreds of kisses? I will assure you, they’re just like us, however, for some principles that keep them together and work for everlasting happiness.

Here are the main myths about the successful Relationship that we’re going to trash today:

1.They Have Similar Interests In Life

Actually no. I know too many couples where women have chosen careers & husbands devote themselves to family or kids and vice versa. Both options are possible if the situation satisfies both partners. And on the contrary – couples, where both choose a career, will hardly ever manage to exist for long.

2.They Sacrifice Every-Thing For Being Together

Someway people think that being together means giving up on friends, hobbies, & interests. Happy couples are built upon another ground – they respect each other’s avocations and, moreover – try to support their partners in every-thing they start.

3.Happy Couples Have No Struggle

Wrong again. People do have misunderstandings in any type of relationship. But those who have learned how to regulate them without fights or argue are doomed to success and life full of love with the one they really like.

It is all about care & respect. Any life trouble is nothing compared to what they share together. Sad, however, we often forget about how the words said in the moment of incursion can hurt the others. Apologies or regrets won’t help to heel that wound. Think on that when starting another fight with your girlfriend.

4.They Do Every-Thing Together

Most of such couples accept it is false. They really take all important decisions together or share their difficulties and troubles becoming that valuable support for their partners. But we all do need some time to spend on our own with favorite books, movies or music that our beloved once don’t find that exit. There’s nothing wrong with it.

80 percent of couples confessed they feel comfortable together only once there is an occasion to stay separately for at least some hours a day so that they start missing each other.

5.They Have At Least One Hobby They Share

Partially true, but mostly no. Such couples find different ways to spend some time apart. They respect each other personality and won’t interfere in that sphere of interests they prefer to leave for themselves.

It doesn’t mean they won’t come to support their beloved ones in important tournaments or exhibitions.

There is one little secret 90 percent of couples reveal as their main weapon against breaking up – they talk. It means that they have learned to discuss their problems, giving each other just what they both need.



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