In the current times, it’s important to make sensible choices as way as skin care is bothered. With many choices serving to you take care of skin issues, ayurveda is unquestionably one among them. Thus, to treat pimples, use Ayurveda because it includes simple, effective and basic remedies. Ayurvedic treatment for face, body and mind can assist you accomplish best results. if your skin is sensitive to 1 or a number of the active natural ingredients then you must avoid exploitation those remedies and pick one thing else instead.

Honey and Lemon Juice

A mixture of honey and juice is one in every of the simple yet effective homemade beauty tips for pimples treatment. combine one tbsp of honey with one tbsp of freshly squeezed juice and apply it on the pimples also as on the spots neglected by pimples.

don’t apply on aggravated pimples as a result of it will cause the severe burning sensation. keep it up for ten minutes and wash out, while you continue this 5-6 times per week, you’re certain to realize effective results.

Margosa or neem Leaves

Neem leaves are good for treating pimples. make a paste of fresh neem leaves grind perfectly or mix it in mixcy and apply on the pimples.

If you can not get fresh neem leaves, try and get some dried bottled nim tree leaves, steep for ten minutes in heat water and use as a paste.

Basil or Tulsi paste

Tulsi paste is that the good way to get rid of pimples once you use it on a daily basis.

If you can’t get fresh basil, then you’ll be able to grab a bottle of dried basil leaves from your local mall and steep it in warm water concerning 2-3 teaspoons such a paste is fashioned and use that on the face for concerning ten minutes for 4-5 times per week.


You can also apply potato juice/ slice/ grated potato directly on your pimples. Keep the sticky juice of the potato on the face for ten minutes or a lot of so wash out. It offers a natural delicate bleaching glow to the skin.

Note:- you’ll be able to follow a similar procedure with juice.


Soak some mint leaves and make a fresh paste as a result of it’s the standard to produce a cooling and astringent result to the skin. Pimple’s stubbornness can cut back and that they can cut back in size also. Regular use of this ayurvedic drugs for hickeys can facilitate one get rid of the pimple marks too.

Raw Papaya

A great sticky ayurvedic treatment for inflammatory disease and pimples is that the white milk that comes out of the skin of a raw papaya and uses it on the total of the face. tho’ it’s sticky, if you employ it on a daily basis, it will do wonders.

You can follow these tips  at home to prevent and reduce pimples-

  • Keep your face clean always off dirt and oil.

  • Make sure not to touch and scratch the pimples.

  • Make sure to use clean towels while wiping your face as dirty and unhygienic towels can aggravate pimples.

  • Ensure that pillow  you use has a clean cover that is washed at regular intervals.

  • Eat healthy food and avoid all oily and junk.




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